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We Can Find Your Old Military Friends!

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Most all searches just $55 – $95

We find people. Period. That includes finding your old militay friends. Here at American Information Specialists, the “Skip Trace Pros,” we go beyond the usual methods of finding your old friends and military buddies.  Of course we start with databases – very good databases that the general public certainly doesn’t have. But that’s not enough. We’re not like other skip tracing companies who simply cut and paste information from databases and tell you it’s “real time” or “the most up-to-date information available.” Nope – that’s not what we do.

The difference is that we take the initial information from our databases and go many steps further by actually getting on the phone and confirming the information. And, we’ve developed some “really good sources” over the last 20 years. Reliable, accurate sources – completed within 24 hours.

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So, Who is American Information Specialists?

We have been around for about 20 years now. Mark Unger is a former Marine with many years experience as a Certified Private Process Server and Private Investigator in the States of California and Arizona.

Most of our clients are Attorneys. They need fast, reliable information and know that we deliver. Always. You’ll get our same great service.

All Private Investigations are conducted through Mark’s Private Investigator Firm: Unger Investigations

Unger Investigations License Number: 1739479

Mark’s State of Arizona Private Investigator License Number: 1739480

Mark’s State of Arizona Certified Private Process Server License Number: PM611

Dan Unger and Matt Foley are also part of the team, and have very special investigative sklls. We find people. Period.

Here at American Information Specialists we wear many hats. We are the Skip Trace Pros. When it comes to Service of Process and Private Investigations, it’s all about finding your subject – in a timely manner. This usually means skip tracing.

We are real people – not just databases or software programs. We provide the best real-time locates and the most effective investigations available anywhere in order to find your subject.

You can call Mark directly pretty much any time: 619-865-5421

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