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Tracing a phone number has really changed in the last few years. Portability, burners, tracfones, cheap pre-paid phones and phone service, etc. Many people no longer have a land line. Cell phone plans are getting so inexpensive, that many people simple obtain a new number by signing up under “Mom’s” cell phone plan – or maybe even their business account as an “employee.” The number is not in their name, so how are you going to find them?

Portability is the biggest obstacle – many people have had the same cell phone number for years, but have moved numerous times. Or converted their land line number to a cell phone number.  Or vice-versa.  They simply forego the paper statements and pay online. The cell phone company has no idea where they actually reside. All of these factors contribute to the same thing: it’s tough to obtain accurate information. We’re a bit different.

Of course we start with databases.  Who doesn’t? The difference is, we have access to the “really good stuff.” And pay top dollar for it.  I’ll tell you right now that most phone search “Investigator’s” have cheap, online databases that they try and pass off as “up-to-date” and “brand new” information. We know different. We have some additional, very unique ways of retrieving information. Of course, if we cannot provide you with accurate information – there is no charge.

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